The Story of Afrika Tikkun

Afrika Tikkun works toward a future where today’s children and youth are tomorrow’s productive citizens. We do this by adopting a cradle-to-career model which invests in the development of disadvantaged children from early infancy through young adulthood and into the world of work.


A sustainable future for children in South African townships.


Afrika Tikkun is dedicated to investing in education, health and social services for children, youth and their families through its community Centres of Excellence and strategic partnerships.


Our Hope is to continue to empower communities to develop new generations of productive citizens.

  • Kids and Corporates Unite Through Sport and Culture

      On Mandela Day, Saturday July 18th, over 1,500 children from the townships around Johannesburg gathered at Wanderers Stadium, along with their parents and corporate supporters for the ninth annual Afrika Tikkun Sports and Cultural Day. The organisation also held an event for its Mfuleni Centre in the Western Cape for over 800 children and youth. This event is the highlight of the year for many of Afrika Tikkun’s children and youth as sport plays a vital role in their programmes and helps children find and develop their skills and talents. Read More


    WE INVITE YOU TO A BUSINESS TALK ON USING TECHNOLOGY TO DRIVE INNOVATION AND SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP JOIN EXPERTS IN THE WORLD OF TECH AND INNOVATION AS THEY DISCUSS THE OPPORTUNITIES IN SOUTH AFRICA AND BEYOND OUR BORDERS INTO AFRICA TOPICS TO BE DISCUSSED: How technology will shape Africa and our World within the next 15-20 years: How Africa can take the leap by systematically becoming an early adopter How to prepare ourselves and anticipate the future Innovation opportunities that exist in Africa: Collaboration & how to foster an ethos of Read More

  • 25th May – Africa Day

    I am an African by Former President Thabo Mbeki I owe my being to the hills and the valleys, the mountains and the glades, the rivers, the deserts, the trees, the flowers, the seas and the ever-changing seasons that define the face of our native land. My body has frozen in our frosts and in our latter day snows. It has thawed in the warmth of our sunshine and melted in the heat of the midday sun. The crack and the rumble of the summer thunders, lashed by startling lightening, Read More


    Children and youth living in South Africa Townships face formidable social and economic challenges that threaten to impede their academic advancement. Nyiko Ngobeni was no exception. Losing his mother at the tender age of sixteen, Nyiko lost all hope, as there was no-one to take care of him. The emotional and financial trauma which ensued caused him to fail Grade 10. “I had no-one. I had nothing. I had no food”, stated the young boy who had seemingly lost all hope in his future. Under a veneer of normalcy Nyiko Read More

  • Calling all South Africans to combat xenophobia

      The recent surge in xenophobic violence has left our nation hanging her head, once more, in shame. As foreign nationals – some of whose children have known no other home – flee the country or hole up in fear, the many South Africans who live removed from the stark realities of the violence, reading about it online and viewing it only on the news, shake our heads in bewilderment. While people of influence have made inflammatory comments which have certainly provided the unwanted catalyst that sparked the violence, there Read More

  • Afrika Tikkun Student Athlete Profiles

     Phumza Sikunyana Phumza Sikunyana is 17 years old and currently is in grade 10 at Black Heath High School. She lives in Mfuleni, in the Western Cape, with both her parents and her younger brother. Both aof Phumza’s parents are currently employed. Phumza has a great passion for sports, she is the vice-captain of the senior netball team and competes both at school and at Afrika Tikkun’s Mfuleni Centre of Excellence. Phumza says that the reasons she loves athletics are “the communication skills that are needed, the interaction with other Read More

  • An Urban Oasis – Duke University Students

    When I think of South Africa, I picture Nelson Mandela ushering in justice after 27 years of incarceration. I remember newspaper articles on the kitchen table showing black and white children together in classrooms for the first time. They were about my age. What is difficult to picture is the South Africa of today. How things have changed since apartheid ended? What struggles still remain? These questions loomed in my mind during the 14.5 hour flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg. Arriving at Afrika Tikkun on our first day, our team Read More

  • Announcing the Partnership of Afrika Tikkun USA and Handcrafted Imports

    A relationship designed to create a better South Africa. April, 7 2015—Afrika Tikkun USA and Handcrafted Imports are excited to announce their collaborative relationship, designed to mutually foster a better South Africa. Effective immediately, the launch of afrikatikkun.handcraftedimports.com will empower patrons to further support Afrika Tikkun’s mission through the purchase of the exquisite South African ceramic artistry from Handcrafted Imports. Liz Ngonzi, CEO of Afrika Tikkun USA, expresses “we are happy to be able to simultaneously support both the youth and community development work of Afrika Tikkun and also to Read More

  • Endorsement :”Wishing you all the very best as you continue to change lives”

    I began my relationship with Afrika Tikkun through my role in Community Affairs at UBS.  After only a few meetings and visits to your centres, I knew that Afrika Tikkun was an organisation that I wanted to partner with.  The professional manner and the way you make your projects accessible to your donors makes Afrika Tikkun the obvious choice whenever international clients ask to visit a local charity.  I am always confident that what you show them will impress them and inspire confidence that lives are being changed in a Read More


    In a heartfelt letter to Afrika Tikkun Staff, mother of Snothando and Snethemba, expressed deep appreciation for the progress her children had made at our ECD centre in Braamfontein.