The future of South Africa and the world lies in the hope of our youth. They see opportunities where we see challenges; they dare to dream about a different tomorrow.

Unfortunately, not all the youth are given the opportunity to be able to make a difference in their communities, and organizations like Afrika Tikkun are geared and focused on supporting & developing these kids from cradle to career.

You have the chance to provide these kids with the opportunity to become the best that they can be.




  • Annual Women’s Imbizo

    It’s #womensmonth and young women at Afrika Tikkun are amping up their advocacy. The Annual Women’s Imbizo this Saturday is the place to be. Dress: proud Afrika Tikkun’s Empowerment Programme will be hosting their Annual Gender Imbizo for young women and mothers of children with disabilities on the 19th of August 2017, at the Phuthaditjaba Centre, 31, 16th Avenue, Alexandra. These women are all part of self-help groups dedicated to supporting one another in advocacy to protect, defend and gain access to important rights including health, education and justice. Annual Gender Imbizo Invite   Read More

  • The life we want

    What young women are fighting for in their townships   As we celebrate Women’s Month, it is important to note that young women in many township communities feel unsafe and 23 years since South Africa’s transition still fight for their right to human dignity, equality and freedom from all forms of violence. The key issue being raised is that without adult supervision (especially in Johannesburg’s overcrowded townships, where crime and gangsterism is high), young people are vulnerable not only to child neglect, but to trafficking and other forms of violence. Read More

  • Ambassador Lenk and the Israeli Embassy honour Madiba Day at AFRIKA TIKKUN

    Every year on the 18 of July, the UN asks individuals around the world to mark Nelson Mandela International Day by making a difference in their communities. Everyone has the ability and the responsibility to change the world for the better, and Mandela Day is an occasion for everyone to take action and inspire change. By devoting 67 minutes of their time – one minute for every year of Mr. Mandela’s public service – people can make a small gesture of solidarity with humanity. This global movement for good was Read More

  • 11 things I learned in South Africa

      As I approach the end of four wonderful years as Israel’s Ambassador in South Africa, I have been reflecting on many lessons learned here which will be even more valuable to take back home to Israel than the souvenirs I have collected. Here are 11. 1. Africa and Israel have so much in common and have much to share with each other. The concerns of so many people: food security independence, successful water management and a government capacity to protect us from the dangers of uncertain, often dangerous neighborhoods, have Read More

  • Congratulations to our Primary Health Care Programme

    The Primary Health Care programme is a supporting programme within the Cradle to Career 360 Model it focuses on the early identification and treatment of childhood illnesses including immunisation, growth monitoring, road to health card monitoring, physical education, school health services and health support groups. In addition, it also provides integrated home-based care, adherence support for HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis, health promotion, palliative care, and chronic dispensary unit (CDU) for the distribution of medication. The Primary Health Care programme received a Congratulatory Thank You from Sister Segels of the local Ivan Read More


    ADDRESS TO THE CONSCIOUS COMPANIES AWARDS BY JAY NAIDOO ON THE 11.05.2017, AT THE HYATT HOTEL, JOHANNESBURG. We have reached the boiling point in our beautiful country. As the fires of discontent sweep across our country our leaders are literally “playing the fiddle while our country burns.” The flame of hope kindled in 1994 under the ethical and courageous leadership of our founding father of our democracy, President Nelson Mandela is being doused by greed. Public office is no longer seen as the service to our citizenry and country, but Read More


    “Afrika Tikkun CEO and Founder and Executive Chairman of Smile Foundation Marc Lubner was last night awarded the Top NGO Conscious Companies Award for the achievements of the two non-profits. The Conscious Companies Awards is in recognition of organisations that: understands what it takes to be authentic operates with a sense of higher purpose integrates the interest of all stakeholders develops visionary leaders builds a culture of trust, accountability, governance and caring encourages creativity and innovation is a responsible citizen in the communities that they operate in” The award is Read More

  • Nothing is impossible

    I was introduced to Afrika Tikkun 7 years ago. It was when my younger brother Thato was attending the Uthando ECD Center. I went past one of the meeting rooms and my attention was taken by noise that came through a window. I went in and found young girls dancing, I then asked one of the girls there what was happening she then told me all about Afrika Tikkun. I instantly became interested in being part of their group. Being part of the Young Urban Women has strengthened my talents, Read More

  • Breaking ‘the curse’ of disabled children in South Africa

    The government estimates as many as 600,000 children with disabilities are not getting an education. Thirteen-year-old Lesley Mashimbye and his parents Maria and Thomas [Natasha Ghoneim/Al Jazeera] Lesley Mashimbye’s father wanted to abandon him at the hospital. Family members were so embarrassed when he visited, they wanted him kept him inside a bedroom. The 13-year-old suffers from cerebral palsy and spina bifida. “They make me feel sad,” he says about the intolerance he’s faced from extended family members, neighbours and people in the community. “I want people out there to Read More

  • Challenges and Opportunities for Transitioning from High School to Tertiary: The South African Experience

    The beginning of 2017 saw Afrika Tikkun, a leading Non-Governmental Organisation in South Africa celebrate yet another year of great matric results, with a 98% pass rate of its beneficiaries, up from 94% in 2015. A large majority of our Grade 12 Learners finished with a total of 64 distinctions and 158 tertiary acceptances. Facing tremendous odds, students like Yandisa Mtsewu have every reason to be proud. She earned a Bachelor pass (meaning she is eligible to be accepted into a Bachelor’s Degree at University) and 5 distinctions in English, Read More