Lebohang Nkhatau is a 15 year old; shy but confident young woman. Raised by her grandmothers in the dusty streets of Orange Farm. She was 11 years old and in Grade 6 when she first walked through the gates of the Afrika Tikkun Arekopaneng Centre.

She became a dedicated participant in the Child and Youth Development (CYD) programme, and through many different interventions and learnings became one of the toughest debators we have ever had at Afrika Tikkun. As a young woman at the tender age of 13 she was involved in the Young Urban Women programme. This is where her leadership qualities and capabilities shone through. With a careful guidance from one of our facilitators, she led group debates, and dialogues on issues such as sexual and reproductive health, advocacy, human rights and Gender-Based Violence (GBV) related topics.

Lebohang is currently 15 years old and is completing Grade 10. She has achieved great heights and is part of the School Representative Committee (SRC) and is a Peer Educator. She has recently represented Afrika Tikkun in a dialogue that was hosted by our partner; Love Life – where she shared her opinions and perspectives on being a healthy young woman who grew up in the community of Orange Farm.

Orange Farm is an underprivileged community where previous social injustices have had damaging effects on the lives of young people. Many of the youth are facing issues like youth unemployment, which results in an increase in alcohol and substance abuse as well as teenage pregnancies which are detrimental to their young lives. Lebohang has taken the time to educate others and share her thoughts on education and well-being.

Afrika Tikkun is proud of our ambassador Lebohang and we take great pride in supporting her as an example of our belief, that every young person should be given the opportunity to be the best that they can be.