Future Accountant

‘Change the World’ Campaign

Profile: Tebogo Thamaha


Tebogo Thamaha was born and raised in Alexandra Township, he is 13 years-old. Staying with his both parents, and he is the only child. His currently attending school in Marlboro Gardens Secondary in Kelvin, doing 7th grade. His passion for athletes started when he was 5 years-old, he is a soccer player, a sprinter and a long distance runner. His favourite sport is volleyball. Tebogo enjoys playing video games and drawing.

“My dream is to be an accountant because I have good problem-solving skills and my numeracy skills have improved. My hopes for the future is to change the status of South Africa from recession to a sustainable economic growth and the currency to be at least the same exchange rate as a US dollar”, says Tebogo.

At Afrika Tikkun, we believe that every child has the potential to change the world.  He wants to create a peacefully environment for everyone, buy building day cares and farms for kids.