Tebogo Thamaha

‘Change the World’ Campaign

I was born and raised in Alexandra Township. I am 13 years-old. I am an only child, and I stay with both my parents. I currently attend school in Marlboro Gardens Secondary in Kelvin, doing 7th grade. My passion for athletes started when I was 5 years-old, I am a soccer player, a sprinter and a long distance runner. My favourite sport is volleyball. I enjoy playing video games and drawing.

My dream is to be an accountant because I have good problem-solving skills and my numeracy skills have improved. My hopes for the future is to change the status of South Africa from recession to a sustainable economic growth and the currency to be at least the same exchange rate as a US dollar.

The earth is over-populated by humans so we need to live on these three planets to leave space for the earth. There will be a planets for animals like Rhinos who are being killed and poached on the earth. I will protect them from the poachers. And we will share our houses with the aliens.