Enterprise Development Programme

Primary objective

Creating an entrepreneurial development platform for candidates to form part of Enterprise Development (ED/SD) opportunities within Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE) and larger organizations

Through partnerships ATS is able to present a new venture creation model that allows preselected youth the ability to enter the business world.
The model is based on 4 phase filtering process that can be customized for a specific sector or industry aligning suitable youth to take up opportunities.

ED_programme2Phase 1

  • Select & recruit youth for the training intervention
  • Use selection process to tailor boot camp as required
  • Sector specific aligned assessment

Phase 2

  • Deliver on a customized intervention and boot camps
  • Filtering youth according to readiness

Phase 3

  • Intensive business gap assessment & report
  • Position youth appropriately as potential suppliers to client

Phase 4

  • Accelerated & intensive growth & support
  • Business Acceleration offering

All enterprise and supplier development activity can be aligned to a client’s specific Enterprise Development and Supplier Development objectives in terms of the BBBEE scorecard