• Afrika Tikkun is supported by people and companies with a deep sense of social justice. Our supporter’s partner with us to improve the lives and futures of South Africa’s impoverished children through our programmes. These programmes can be costly to initiate and maintain, but we believe they are integral to improving the lives of our children and their families. Your support of Afrika Tikkun means that more children will be given the chance to grow into independent, self-sustaining adults who have something effective to contribute to South African society.

  • At Afrika Tikkun we value integrity, honesty and accountability. We commit to using all donations received where they are needed most and can have the greatest impact.

  • Your support of Afrika Tikkun means that more children will be given the chance to grow into independent, self-sustaining adults who have something to contribute to South African society.

  • We are registered in South Africa, UK, USA and Australia and we are able to accept donations in most currencies. See our donate page for details of how to donate in each of the countries we’re registered.

  • In Australia, any donation of $2 and over is eligible for tax deductible receipting through our partnership with Global Development Group. Afrika Tikkun Australia is proud to be a partner for project J586 with Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993), an Australian AusAID approved NGO (Non-Government Development Organisation), carrying out quality humanitarian projects with approved partners and providing aid to relieve poverty and provide long term solutions. Visit Global Development Group.

    In the UK the tax relief is called Gift Aid. If you pay tax at a standard rate then the charity is able to claim 25% of your donation back on your behalf if you have signed and returned a Gift Aid declaration (upload the attached Gift aid declaration to the site). If you are a higher rate tax payer then you are able to claim a tax refund for the difference between the lower rate and the higher rate of tax on your donation when you complete your self-assessment.

    In the USA a donation to Afrika Tikkun USA – which has 501 (C) 3 status – offers a deduction from your federal income tax and the amount deducted depends on your income bracket, based on current USA tax code. Please also consult your financial advisor or tax lawyer if you choose.

    In South Africa we are able to issue a section 18A Certificate for every monetary donation made to Afrika Tikkun. Donations in kind can only attract tax deductibility through section 18 A certificate if the donation is of products (not services) and is quantifiable

  • Absolutely. Whether you have just a couple of hours or a whole day to spare we can arrange your visit from start to finish. We will even arrange transport from where you are staying. Contact us with your dates and availability and we will do the rest.

  • Please contact us to discuss your skills and how you feel you are able to add value to what we do.

  • See our Get Involved subpages for inspiration.

  • If you are a Corporate:

    Supporting Afrika Tikkun is a tax deductible form of sustainable, corporate social investment and qualifies an organisation for Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) points in South Africa. Donations of over R50 000 receive recognition on our website and in our Annual Report, while donations of over R100 000 appear on the donor boards at our Centres of Excellence. There are many branding opportunities for corporates who partner with Afrika Tikkun, including collaborating with us on PR initiatives, co-branding an event (including all marketing and communication material) and billboard advertising at or near our Centres of Excellence.

    If you are an Individual:

    Pledge the value of one cappuccino or more at R 20 or more per month, to help make a difference and give our children a better future. Sign up to join our Cappuccino campaign here …

    If You a Foundation:

    Please contact us to discuss your strategic objectives on info@afrikatikkun.org or +27 11 325 5914

  • You are welcome to restrict your giving to a specific project or give an unrestricted donation for us to allocate your funds where most needed. Please visit our What we do page for more information about how donations are utilised by Afrika Tikkun. Our financial controls and reporting are stringent. Please see our annual reports.

  • Join us on FacebookTwitter or on our Blog or sign up for our Newsletter – and always feel welcome to contact us.