Have you ever seen – and admired – the selfless work being undertaken by an organisation like Afrika Tikkun and wished you had the wherewithal to support its endeavours in a truly meaningful and sustainable way? Thought about being able to sponsor a library, or a computer facility, or a bursary scheme, or a sports centre…Something tangible, and possibly something that could bear your name or the name of a loved one. But you simply can’t afford it right now.

You can still achieve the above by considering leaving a bequest to enable Afrika Tikkun achieve this desire in your Will. After you’ve taken care of your loved ones, a gift in your will could help us to help more children and youth.

There are also estate planning benefits by bequeathing gifts. These will depend on your unique circumstances. The same is true of annuities and pension receipts. A gift by Will can also provide estate duty savings. The gift may be in cash, securities, real or personal property. It may be made outright or in trust.

We are able to provide you with additional information about this option and discuss with you and your advisors the most advantageous ways to implement same.

For more information, please contact herbyr@afrikatikkun.org