Recruit From Us

Our sister company and delivery partner Afrika Tikkun Services (ATS) places candidates in various job and skills development opportunities with its extensive client base. Clients will employ or fund the candidates into:

Entry Level Jobs – these are placements inclusive of all jobs at entry level i.e. Call Centre, Administration, Information Technology (End-User or Technical), Hospitality and others.

Learnerships – these bridge the gap between education and work, enabling youth to simultaneously acquire both a qualification and work place experience. A learnership will generally comprise 3 – 4 months theory/ class work and 6 – 7 months’ workplace exposure.

Internships – experiential jobs which more deeply emphasise “on-the-job” training and enable the incumbent to experience exposure into the world of work in a carefully monitored and guided environment. Internships are generally one- year in duration and are formally contracted.

Bursaries – We are positioned to source qualified candidates for your bursary programmes and we can do this for a multitude of providers. Bursaries enable the realization of academic goals with a view to establishing formal careers in positions requiring greater skill.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities – Candidates who, post assessment, display strong entrepreneurial flair, are channelled into ATS’s entrepreneur programmes where they undergo specialized training. Thereafter they are assisted into incubator environments with clients who undertake to nurture them into independence as a credible business venture.

For more enquiries and our Professional Services Agreement kindly contact us on servicesadmin@afrikatikkun.org.