Afrika Tikkun Services


Afrika Tikkun Services (Pty) Ltd (ATS) is a for-profit social enterprise, established and driven by the need to maintain the relevance of the Afrika Tikkun brand in the face of global socio-economic change.

ATS functions to enhance the social development impact of Afrika Tikkun NPC through Skills and Enterprise Development platforms; a mechanism which additionally enables it as the sustainability arm of the NPC

The primary objective of ATS is to align with corporate partners as their supplier of choice for placement of skilled youth from under resourced communities. In terms of our functionality we:

  • Screen and select youth for training into specific industry-driven skill sets
  • Capture beneficiary data appropriately for training or opportunity matching
  • Source and match opportunities with candidates
  • Provide investors with ROI in the form of direct benefits (skilled youth) and sustainable transformation impact under the BEE codes.

Consulting services in terms of compliance with the BBBEE codes

  • ATS is able to provide strategic consulting services around application programmes, maximizing the BBBEE benefit. In addition ATS can project manage these programmes from implementation through to monitoring and evaluation

The Youth Skills Development Program enables the fulfilment of youth’s socio-economic call to action through the provision of relevant and effective training programmes, succeeded by opportunity sourcing and placement.

Primary Objectives

  • Equip marginalized youth to be competitive in the job market
  • Provide access to relevant industry driven skill sets
  • Create an emotional and psychological context in which the positive reframing of reality becomes possible and individuals are able to embrace personal growth
  • Providing training for unemployed individuals as contemplated by the new BB BEE codes under skills development.

The Career Readiness Program is targeted at matriculated youth aged 18 – 35.

The training programme is registered as an Adult Basic Education Course (ABET) and is South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) accredited with a minimum of 120 credits on ABET Level 4 / NQF Level 1.

We are able to offer the programme, with specialized electives, in the industries of:

  • Administration
  • Call centre
  • Client services / retail
  • Wholesale and merchandising
  • Information technology
  • New venture creation
  • Hospitality

Once qualified, youth beneficiaries are able to:

  • Apply relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes in the chosen career pathway.
  • Function effectively in, and contribute to, the world of work.
  • Demonstrate the characteristics of responsible citizenship.


Afrika Tikkun Services

Afrika Tikkun Services

Afrika Tikkun Services


All of our training programmes are supported by a custom designed learner management system. Through this mechanism, the business is able to track all our participants at any stage of the recruitment, training and deployment value chain.

The key functionality of this system is that it enables ATS to document a vast spectrum of information, which further enables an informed training and placement process.

We are able to react swiftly in meeting our client’s needs for skilled and qualified labour.

Our comprehensive recruitment and selection process provides a measure of quality assurance and ensures the best fit between employer and employee thus promoting employee retention and a healthy, successful work environment.

Primary Objectives:

  • Match youth candidates with opportunities (including entry level jobs, learnerships/internships or further tertiary education (bursaries) and entrepreneurial pathways
  • Provide stakeholders with return on investment captured and reflected in monitoring and evaluation of trained vs placed candidates

Afrika Tikkun Services

Afrika Tikkun Services


Primary objective

Creating an entrepreneurial development platform for candidates to form part of Enterprise Development (ED/SD) opportunities within Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE) and larger organizations

Through partnerships ATS is able to present a new venture creation model that allows preselected youth the ability to enter the business world.
The model is based on 4 phase filtering process that can be customized for a specific sector or industry aligning suitable youth to take up opportunities.

ED_programme2Phase 1

  • Select & recruit youth for the training intervention
  • Use selection process to tailor boot camp as required
  • Sector specific aligned assessment

Phase 2

  • Deliver on a customized intervention and boot camps
  • Filtering youth according to readiness

Phase 3

  • Intensive business gap assessment & report
  • Position youth appropriately as potential suppliers to client

Phase 4

  • Accelerated & intensive growth & support
  • Business Acceleration offering

All enterprise and supplier development activity can be aligned to a client’s specific Enterprise Development and Supplier Development objectives in terms of the BBBEE scorecard


ATS, through an extensive client base is able to place candidates in various job and skills development opportunities. Clients will employ or fund the candidates into:

  • Entry Level Jobs – these are placements inclusive of all jobs at entry level i.e. Call Centre, Administration, Information Technology (End-User or Technical), Hospitality and others.
  • Learnerships – these bridge the gap between education and work, enabling youth to simultaneously acquire both a qualification and work place experience. A learnership will generally comprise 3 – 4 months theory/ class work and 6 – 7 months’ workplace exposure.
  • Internships – experiential jobs which more deeply emphasise “on-the-job” training and enable the incumbent to experience exposure into the world of work in a carefully monitored and guided environment. Internships are generally one- year in duration and are formally contracted. These are more likely to result in formal employment than temporary jobs or learnerships.
  • Bursaries – ATS sources bursaries for its qualifying candidates from a multitude of providers. Bursaries enable the realization of academic goals with a view to establishing formal careers in positions requiring greater skill.
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities – Candidates who, post assessment, display strong entrepreneurial flair, are channelled into ATS’s entrepreneur programmes where they undergo specialized training. Thereafter they are assisted into incubator environments with clients who undertake to nurture them into independence as a credible business venture.