Job Placement Programme

All of our training programmes are supported by a custom designed learner management system. Through this mechanism, the business is able to track all our participants at any stage of the recruitment, training and deployment value chain.

The key functionality of this system is that it enables ATS to document a vast spectrum of information, which further enables an informed training and placement process.

We are able to react swiftly in meeting our client’s needs for skilled and qualified labour.

Our comprehensive recruitment and selection process provides a measure of quality assurance and ensures the best fit between employer and employee thus promoting employee retention and a healthy, successful work environment.

Primary Objectives:

  • Match youth candidates with opportunities (including entry level jobs, learnerships/internships or further tertiary education (bursaries) and entrepreneurial pathways
  • Provide stakeholders with return on investment captured and reflected in monitoring and evaluation of trained vs placed candidates

Job Placement Programme

Job Placement Programme