Training Programmes

The Youth Skills Development Program enables the fulfilment of youth’s socio-economic call to action through the provision of relevant and effective training programmes, succeeded by opportunity sourcing and placement.

Primary Objectives

  • Equip marginalized youth to be competitive in the job market
  • Provide access to relevant industry driven skill sets
  • Create an emotional and psychological context in which the positive reframing of reality becomes possible and individuals are able to embrace personal growth
  • Providing training for unemployed individuals as contemplated by the new BB BEE codes under skills development.

The Career Readiness Program is targeted at matriculated youth aged 18 – 35.

The training programme is registered as an Adult Basic Education Course (ABET) and is South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) accredited with a minimum of 120 credits on ABET Level 4 / NQF Level 1.

We are able to offer the programme, with specialized electives, in the industries of:

  • Administration
  • Call centre
  • Client services / retail
  • Wholesale and merchandising
  • Information technology
  • New venture creation
  • Hospitality

Once qualified, youth beneficiaries are able to:

  • Apply relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes in the chosen career pathway.
  • Function effectively in, and contribute to, the world of work.
  • Demonstrate the characteristics of responsible citizenship.

Training Programmes

Training Programmes

Training Programmes