What is BBBEE?

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment is a government policy designed to include the majority of South Africans in the social and economic transformation of the country. In South Africa, the strongest driver of economic growth outside of general market conditions prevailing at any point in time is the BBBEE status of a business. Interestingly, it is also not a mandatory legal requirement but rather driven by the threat of economic exclusion from:

  • Public and private sector tenders
  • Certain business licensing requirements
  • Reputational risk.

The corporate sector no longer sees Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) as a regulatory tick box exercise but as a strategic alignment to their core business. BBBEE is therefore a fine line between a failing state in 2030 or a nation that develops its people to position itself for future successes.

What Do We Know About BBBEE?

We are one of the few recognised organisations driving the transformation and empowerment of those persons most marginalized by legacy issues, namely:

  • The most vulnerable black individuals in historically segregated areas;
  • With a focus on youth, children and the disabled;
  • The aim being to provide a certain route to breaking the poverty cycle by addressing early childhood development through labour market placement and integration.


This means that we are able to address all of the following main BBBEE element compliance and investment needs according to best practice in an integrated manner:

  • Ownership
  • Management Control/ Employment Equity
  • Skills Development
  • Enterprise & Supplier Development
  • Socio-economic Development

Our Tripartite Structure, makes us more than just a charitable organization but a business partner and a one-stop-shop to a corporate’s transformation agenda. There are 4 pillars under the BBBEE Codes of Good Practice we can partner on and provide points for.

Afrika Tikkun (NPC)MaAfrika Tikkun Endowment Trust
  • Afrika Tikkun Services (Pty) Ltd

Corporate Social Investment / Socio Economic Development

(5 Points)


(25 Points)

  • Skills Development (20 points)
  • Supplier & Enterprise Development (40 Points)

This Tripartite structure is foresight of how most civil organisations will be structured in the future. 20 years of experience have driven us to this level of innovation. With this structure we can offer you over 45 points.

For more information contact Onyi Nwaneri on onyin@afrikatikkun.org or Errol Pillay on errolp@afrikatikkun.org