Meet Esca Ndongo


I am a keen hockey player at my school, Johannesburg Girls Preparatory School. I live in Berea with my Mom, who makes her living as a tailor, and my three brothers. I start every day in prayer, praying for peace across the world, for world hunger to end, for the drought in South Africa to lift and for God to bless her family.

School is fantastic. The teachers are approachable teachers and there are good quality equipment and textbooks. My favourite subjects are English, Afrikaans and Natural Science.

I first came to Uthando in early 2016 after my uncle told my mother about the Centre. I was surprised at the number of kids at the centre and have grown to love the facilitators and my peers who also attend there. And my marks have also improved since I started attending the Centre.

One of the things I love most is the passion that the facilitators have for their work; it makes learning with them fun. I also love that there are so many ways to learn at Uthando through the different hubs, although my favourite place is the library, because I am a bookworm.

My dream job is to study Medicine and Anatomy. I want to solve health problems and find cures.

My idea to change the world is to invent Mommybots – robots that will help to raise children who have no mothers or fathers.

Contact Number: 074 676 3573 | 082 741 4542 | Address: La Rosa, 52 Abel Rd, Berea