Thanks to all of you Benjamin, Romain, Matthieu and I have a treasure trove of unforgettable memories from this wonderful week with Afrika Tikkun! Having seen, over the last decades, many organizations of all kinds and their leaders at all levels, I believe I can say honestly that I have rarely seen as purposeful, engaging, and energizing an organization as Afrika Tikkun, and as dedicated and effective leaders (and doers) as each and every one of you. We have been impressed by the formidable impact you are having on the lives of so many children and teenagers in need, as well as on their families and their environment. Congratulations on your impact! And many hearty thanks from the four of us, for this week with you which will remain indelibly printed in our minds and in our hearts. With fond regards 

Benjamin, Matthieu, Romain and JP Bizet.

From the first visit that I made with Ruth months ago when Onyi hosted us and we met Sipho, it was apparent to me that Afrika Tikkun has done great work in Diepsloot to help the less fortunate.  I was very impressed with the facilities and the programs and projects that are being conducted there. The members of the International Diplomatic Spouses Association (IDSA) are very pleased that we were able to assist Afrika Tikkun by providing the funds to purchase the sound and electronic systems for all of your centres.  It was also nice to see the actual equipment on October 9th.

Jane Barban
President, International Diplomatic Spouses Association
Spouse of the Canadian High Commissioner

Ruth, Jane and I as representatives of IDSA to be part of your wonderful vision. Through your organisation you have proven beyond a doubt that it is indeed possible that all persons can learn given a chance. May you continue to bless others as the Lord continues to bless you with good health and resources.

Janet Wamoto                                                                                                  
Member International Diplomatic Spouses Association
Spouse of the High Commissioner of Republic of Kenya

On behalf of Spoor & Fisher we want to thank you for allowing us to be part of a well organised Afrika Tikkun sports day. We had so much fun with the children and it was truly gratifying. It is so heart-warming to see how much the children look forward to the day and compete to make their respective centres proud. Please continue making a difference and challenging the rest of the country to lead by your example. We are definitely going to be involved with and sponsor the sports day in 2015.

Spoor & Fisher