Success Stories


Siyanda is a 6 years old boy who joined the Uthando ECD in April 2016 as a Grade R beneficiary. However, the baseline assessment of the child showed that the child had not been exposed to any form of formal education before. There were a myriad of challenges that he practitioners faced in ensuring that the child would be ready for primary school by the end of the year, particularly because the child could not communicate in English. The practitioner needed a unique implementation plan that would ensure that Siyanda’s development matched the level of other learners in the classroom. The child was unable to follow simple instructions and struggled to socially integrate into the school because he isolated himself. His motor skills were also underdeveloped as he was unable to hold a pencil or catch a ball.

However, with commitment from Afrika Tikkun’s ECD practitioners and a joint commitment between the staff members in the different programmes who arranged for extra activities to help him improve, he has shown a tremendous improvement. The ECD practitioners also engaged his parents into help the child through sending books with pictures and words for parents to read for him at home in order to improve his vocabulary. He has acculturated to the centre and continues to show development in all areas.


Patricia joined Afrika Tikkun in 2015 after being referred by a relative who had benefited from the services offered by the organization. She is 25 years old and has chronic health problems. Patricia used to live in Honeydew with an aunt whom she says neglected and rejected her. At that time, she was in school and was constantly abused by this aunt who was supposed to be her caregiver.

Because she doesn’t have a relationship with her father or immediate family member who could provide financial and emotional support, she was forced to quit school and relocate to Diepsloot where she now lives with another aunt. After she was referred to Afrika Tikkun, she received counseling and was successfully convinced to resume her studies with support from the organization. She enrolled at Diepsloot 3 Secondary School for Grade 10 and was provided with school uniform and shoes. She is also currently registered with the CYD programme that is offering her learning support. Patricia is very grateful to Afrika Tikkun and the social worker that she describes as having been her “pillar of strength”.


Clifford Vundla is originally from Zimbabwe but has been an Afrika Tikkun beneficiary for more than 10 years. He joined Afrika Tikkun when he was in primary school and has achieved numerous awards through sports. When he was 15 years old, he completed the junior Duathlon and he is currently registered for the 94.7 cycling event for 2016. He has participated in more than 20 cycling challenges and has continued to show tremendous progress over the years. In September, he will be travelling to Germany to represent his community and Afrika Tikkun in a triathlon.

Clifford is not only excelling at athletics, but after Afrika Tikkun assisted him with acquiring legal documents to live and study in South Africa, he has performed well academically. He takes advantage of the facilities and resources that Afrika Tikkun provides for learning support such as a well-equipped library and learning support. In addition to making us proud, Clifford has started giving back to his community by working as a peer coach for the duathlon team. He inspires young people from the community and more young people continue to join the programme because of his story.