Pop-up events hosted by Afrika Tikkuns self-advocacy groups in October



Throughout October 2016 Afrika Tikkun’s self-advocacy groups hosted a series of pop-up events to get young people from Afrika Tikkun communities to collaborate on colouring in the posters. Events were hosted at Afrika Tikkun Centres, schools, public spaces and at local clinics.

Wings of Life’sYoung Urban Women (YUW), in Diepsloot,hosted the first pop-up event on 21 October 2016. The group set to work with the help of a group of young school kids from Diepsloot that attend the Centre’s Child and Youth Development (CYD) programmes after school.

The posters communicates  issues such teenage pregnancy, sexuality and its diversity, gender based violence and hate crimes and well as self-employment regardless of the past circumstances.

“I joined the group as a young women, because I felt powerless, after looking for a job for months without results I felt like self-distracting but the group helped me regain my confidence and focus on my future no matter what my current circumstances are, as I result I am now enrolled for my honours” said Refilwe Danke a YUW.

The Dishumeleni Self-support Group for parents of children with disabilities held their event on October the 25th at Diepsloot Clinic to promote and raise awareness about the access of children with disabilities to important government services like healthcare.

The group is dedicated to empower families of children with disabilities and award them the necessary skills and the know-how when it comes to caring for children with disabilities. The aim of the group is to make a difference in the way children with disabilities are treated by their community.

“By involving the whole community we want them to be informed and empowered about disability as this is something that can happen to anyone, when the community is more aware they will be able to treat our children better” said Sibandla the chairperson of Dishumeleni.

The last leg of the pop-ups took place on the 3rd of November at Afrika Tikkun’s Wings of Life Centre and was hosted by the three AV Buddies Clubs (Kwena Molapo, Leap, Rabasotho Combined).

The clubs consists of young school kids from Diepsloot advocating for issues such as bullying, corporal punishment and developing leadership skills. The three clubs hosted a combined event and robed in the help of their school mates to colour the events and raise awareness about the clubs and their objectives.

Each club will look at their completed posters and pick the best one to be used for the 2nd Annual Afrika Tikkun Amazing Empowerment Exhibition. Between the 25th of November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women) and the 10th of December (Human Rights Day).

The exhibition of posters will travel to all the Afrika Tikkun centres and the communities where Afrika Tikkun operates. The Exhibition aims to provide a platform to share the self-advocacy groups with the communities where Afrika Tikkun is based and beyond. In doing, so we are working towards raising awareness of our Anti-Violence Buddies, Young Urban Women and Self-help Groups for families of children with disabilities.

The Exhibition also aims to share how we use empowerment approaches for the provision of safe, non-discriminatory and inclusive development programmes for children, youth and their families.

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