Since 1994, Afrika Tikkun has been taking action by building development programs to enable disadvantaged young people to realise their potential. We are dedicated to supporting our youth at each stage of their development, from Cradle to Career™ (C2C).  

What does Afrika Tikkun do?

Afrika Tikkun provides a Cradle to Career holistic development model for vulnerable children & young people in South Africa


In 2015 Afrika Tikkun:

Supported 1500 families to become self sufficient

Equipped 1200 children with reading & mathematics skills

Provided access to help from 386 families with disabled children

Served 2.1 million nutritious meals 

12th Graders achieved 99% pass rate

Placed 340 youth  in employment opportunities 


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Why does it matter? 

Afrika Tikkun works in severely impoverished townships in South Africa directly impacting nearly 19,000 children & young people annually   


In South Africa: 

10.2 million South African’s live in extreme poverty

25% of S0uth African’s lack access to basic services

South Africa has the 3rd highest unemployment in the world

52% of South African youth are unemployed

Only 3% of children will graduate university



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A Future Where Today’s Young People are Tomorrow’s Productive Citizens.


Afrika Tikkun is dedicated to investing in education, health and social services for children, youth and their families through its community Centres of Excellence and strategic partnerships.


We believe every young person deserves an opportunity to be the best they can be.



On Monday 18th April 2016 Afrika Tikkun joined with the Lubner family in mourning the passing of Bertie Lubner.

He was Chairman and Founder of Afrika Tikkun and a recipient of numerous awards, including the President’s Order of Meritorious Service.

Described by the co founder of Afrika Tikkun, the late Chief Rabbi Cyril Harris as a man who had “an infectious commitment to the new South Africa”, Bertie Lubner used his significant influence within the private sector to play a meaningful role in the transformation and reconciliation of this nation.

Afrika Tikkun was formed to spearhead meaningful transformation. “Tikkun” is a Hebrew word meaning a setting to rights, transformation. At its heart Afrika Tikkun would empower individuals who had been disempowered to become skilled, educated, and productive – to be masters of their own fate.

The accomplishments of Afrika Tikkun from early on, were of great inspiration. Mandela described it as a “miracle”: “I never expected organizations of this nature, which have brought hope to the disadvantaged”.

Bertie Lubner epitomized genuine care. He was a pathfinder for peace and reconciliation for this nation. With his characteristic integrity he wanted to ensure that peace meant something substantial.

In true humanitarian spirit, Bertie put the interest of the community needs first. Up to his final days upon this earth, the thoughts of his heart and his commitment remained touchingly with the beneficiaries of Afrika Tikkun.

We have lost a hero – one whose accomplishments in the thousands of lives changed through Afrika Tikkun extends beyond measure.


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