CYD1Why the programme is necessary

Most South African children and youth living in impoverished communities are struggling to continue or complete their education and to have a positive sense of self and place in the world. Afrika Tikkun’s Child and Youth Development programme works holistically towards changing the environment in which young people live to facilitate their emotional, intellectual, physical, mental and social development and growth.

Status and Objectives

The Child and Youth Development Programme provides for the growth of children and young people in all dimensions.

The Child and Youth Development Programme is focused on addressing the most prevalent development needs of children and youth through the following objectives:

  • To provide age-appropriate, developmentally sound activities that ensure the all-round development of the child and youth.
  • To provide a learning space where children and youth are exposed to programmes that help them in making healthy and socially accepted life choices
  • To create an environment where children can develop their confidence, self-esteem and improve their social skills.
  • To improve Grade results and Matric outcomes for school going children with a view to facilitating better opportunities post matric

Intended Outcome

Children and youth are able to make positive life, learning and career choices, and have the ability to take responsibility for their own lives.

Direct Beneficiary Benefits

  • Educational , career and learning support
  • Arts and Cultural activities
  • Sports & recreation activities
  • Nutrition (one meal a day)
  • Family and Primary Health Care Support