Cradle To Career

The Challenges in SA

  1. Youth unemployment
  2. Poor educational outcomes including poor matric results
  3. Access to Early Childhood Development Centres
  4. The effect of poor nutrition/health on the development of children and youth and the disintegration of family structures within communities
  5. Vulnerable children subjected to violent abuse
  6. Lack of vision and belief in a future

Afrika Tikkun’s Response

The Cradle to Career Holistic Development Model

Early Childhood Development Child and Youth Development Youth Skills Development and Placement Support Services
(0 – 6 years) (7-18 years) (19 – 35 years) (All age groups)

Overall Outcome

The Cradle to Career Holistic Development Model

  • Developing responsible and productive citizens
  • Directing first time job seekers into appropriate jobs

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