EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMME: Children with Disabilities and their Families

Empowering families of children with disabilities to improve their own quality of life!

Why the programme is necessary?

South Africa has one of the most enabling Constitutions in the world.  However, unfortunately, law and policy that works in the favour of people with disabilities is not much use if children with disabilities grow up in a society where negative attitudes and environmental barriers exclude them.  This Programme represents a progressive step towards helping children with disabilities and their families find solutions to the enormous challenges they face, and to create social change by leading the struggle against human violations perpetrated against them.

empowerment10Status and Objectives

The Empowerment Programme enables children with disabilities and their families to:

  • Improve their quality of life by learning about their human rights
  • Runs self–‐help groups
  • Plan and implement Community Awareness Campaigns about accepting children with disabilities
  • Take action against people, services and systems that discriminate against and exclude children with disabilities

Community Benefits

The Empowerment Programme aims to improve the quality of life of children with disabilities and their families in South African townships by empowering them to become civically active and take action.  Armed with a working knowledge of their rights, we assist beneficiaries to establish their own self-help groups and teach them problem-solving and self-advocacy skills to tackle burning issues, like discrimination by their community members, difficulty finding schools for children with disabilities, and the failure of child protection professionals to provide adequate services for the many children that have fallen victim to sexual abuse.  Through campaigning, utilizing disability-friendly legislation and providing vital education to the public about disability and inclusion, we are aiming for our families to create sustained systemic change in the way our society treats people with disabilities.