Gender Based Violence

GBV2Why the programme is necessary?

The Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Child Abuse Centre demonstrate our understanding of the linkages and complexities involved in abuse of children and women. A multi- sectoral approach is used to address gender based violence through partnering with organisations working with women, men, children and continuous engagement with duty bearers such as police and other government departments. For children who experience sexual violence, forensic services are available through partnership with Teddy Bear Clinic. For women survivors of GBV, support groups are conducted by experienced Social Workers. There are group sessions held monthly for young women where they discuss issues affecting them. These range from family planning, menstruation, teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and related matters.

Our work is underpinned by a human rights framework. We believe all people who access services at the GBV Unit have to be empowered to exercise their rights. Emphasis is placed on educating and raising awareness on rights enshrined in the Constitution and other pieces of legislation. As a Unit working closely with various stakeholders, duty bearers are also engaged in protecting and promoting human rights.

Objectives of the GBV Unit

  • To position AT’s Wings of Life Centre in Diepsloot, particularly the Women and Child Response Centre (otherwise known as the Gender Based Violence Unit) as a one-stop facility that supports survivors of GBV
  • Engage various stakeholders mandated to support survivors of GBV through advocacy initiatives at local and provincial levels, and partner with organisations advocating on women’s rights at regional and international levels
  • To raise awareness on gender related and child abuse in Diepsloot
  • To provide care and support to Survivors of gender based violence through appropriate assistance, guidance, counselling and other specialised services.

Services offered at the GBV Unit

  • Individual therapy for women and children
  • Group sessions for young women
  • Support groups for women
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Play therapy
  • Forensic assessments
  • Court support
  • Referrals
  • Workshops and trainings on GBV, child abuse, Trauma Counselling, HIV/AIDS,
  • Education and awareness sessions on GBV and Child Abuse at schools
  • Parenting skills programme

Partner organisations

  • People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA)
  • SONKE Gender Justice
  • National Children and Violence Trust (NCVT)
  • Childline Gauteng
  • Teddy Bear Clinic

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