Primary Health Care in the Western Cape

Why is our programme necessary?

We provide holistic care and focus on preventive and promotion services to the community. This type of service is not provided by any other Agency in Mfuleni and Delft.

Status and Objectives

The Primary health care programme provides service to the communities of Delft, which encompasses integrated home based care, integrated adherence support to HIV/AIDS/TB clients, health promotion, palliative care and integrated school health support. Our objectives are:

  • To provide integrated home based care through door to door visits from Monday to Friday in designated areas in collaboration with the Community Health Centre and local clinic.       
  • Provide palliative care to patients in need of such care.
  • Provide integrated TB /HIV support to clients in collaboration with the local clinics door visits and facilitation of support groups.
  • Plan in-service training according to needs identified.
  • Provide Human resources, finance and administrative support to the programme.
  • Maintain an accurate database of all staff members and patients
  • Submit timeous monthly and quarterly reports to funders.
  • Monitor and evaluation CCW’s on a quarterly basis.
  • Arrange quarterly Health promotion programmes in line with Afrika Tikkun and of Health National Priorities.

Community benefits

  • We take health care to the community through door to door visits.
  • We assist bedridden and wheelchair bound clients with nursing in their homes such as wound care, full wash, foot care, health education on a healthy lifestyle. We educate the community on other resources such as Social Development and Sassa.
  • We focus on providing an integrated home based care service to families and children through our door to door visits.
  • We conduct outreaches in collaboration with DOH on topics such as Vit A, diarrhoea management, child safety, exclusive breastfeeding
  • We arrange a disability clinic in collaboration with SHAWCO and Metropolitan Momentum Foundation for patients who do not have access to physiotherapy, occupational therapy and audiology on a monthly basis with successful outcomes.
  • We conduct door to door visits to reach young children who are unimmunised and suffering with minor ailments. These children are referred to the nearest health facility for follow –up.
  • We assist clients suffering from chronic diseases of lifestyle who have been placed on chronic medication to access their medication easily through the chronic dispensing Unit that delivered the medication to our site at Mfuleni. A total of 840 clients are able to fetch their medication from our centre which instead of having to wait at a health facility for the whole day.
  • We have contributed to a decrease in the number of defaulting patients. The children at the ECD centre are screened on a quarterly basis and referred where needed.