Support Programmes

Nutrition and Food Security

Many of the children participating in Afrika Tikkun’s core programmes have limited access to food. Hunger and malnutrition are common. We provide these children with daily meals and where required (as verified by our Social Worker) weekend food parcels, emergency relief and school lunch boxes.  Afrika Tikkun Centres have vegetable gardens to enhance the meals prepared in our kitchens, as well as setting an example for community food gardening. Find out more…

Primary Health Care 

All children participating in our programmes have access to our Primary Health Care services which include early identification and treatment for childhood illness (e.g. immunisation; growth monitoring etc.).  Health services are also extended to the child’s family members where needed this includes provision of home-based care for chronically ill parents (e.g. HIV/AIDS; TB etc.). Find out more…

Family Support Services 

Our Family Support Services address the child’s needs within the context of their family circumstances. Our family support workers assess each child’s family and create a “Family Development Plan”. Some services include accessing government grants, parenting skills, family preservation, income generation and self-sufficiency projects. Special attention is given to child-headed households. Find out more…



“I’ll create a machine that turns homeless people’s clothes into new ones!”

Our children want to change the world.

Make sure they can!