Primary Health Care

healthcare6Why the programme is necessary

Intrinsic in Afrika Tikkun’s holistic model, is the belief that education programmes for children and youth cannot take place in isolation. Our core programmes are augmented by cross-cutting Support Services, which include primary health care services for children, youth and their families which are provided largely on a case-by-case basis.

Status and Objectives

  • To create healthier and more self-sufficient families through quality intervention and developmental support.
  • To enable families to provide an optimal, healthy and developmental environment for their children.
  • Raise awareness within families and the broader community regarding children’s rights and health
  • To ensure that staff has the required capacity to offer effective support and interventions to families and children in need.

The Primary Health Care Programme provides children participating in our programmes and their family members’ access to our Primary Health Care services. These services include:

  • Early identification and treatment for childhood illness
  • HIV/AIDS outreach
  • Tuberculosis outreach
  • Home-Based Care
  • Healthy Life Style Campaigns within communities

Intended Outcome

Children and youth in the Afrika Tikkun system are physically and psychologically healthy and food secure within their households and communities.